Reading & Writing Activities (Light the Way!)


This resource allows students to read a literary and informational paired set of passages and answer written response questions related to the topic of the paired passages. Each task card focuses on a Common Core Reading Standard that covers Reading Literature (RL) Standards 1 – 6 and Reading Information (RI) Standards 1 – 6.

Reading and Writing Activities with 6 Traits Posters (Light the Way!)   

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This resource includes:
• 2 paired passages (one literary and one informational)
• 24 writing response task cards with sample answer response cards
• 3 writing prompts for narrative, expository, and persuasive writing
• Student Completion Chart
• BONUS: 6 Traits for Writing Wall Charts

This resource is Common Core aligned and focuses on reading and writing activities for grades 5 – 8. Each task card is written on a different Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level for each standard covered. This allows the students to focus on a specific standard to learn, remediate, or enrich. Use the DOK levels to scaffold the rigor of the written response tasks.
Students also write a narrative, expository, and/or persuasive essay where they respond to a prompt related to the literary and informational set of passages. As students complete the writing tasks, they fill in the task log on their Student Completion Chart. The teacher or student-pairs can grade the task cards using the answer keys.

Suggested Activities:
1. Diagnostic: use the written response tasks as a diagnostic to determine each students level of writing on a specific standard.
2. Guided (teacher-led) Literacy Station: use the written response tasks in a guided (teacher-led) literacy station to scaffold students’ reading and writing skills.
3. Reading and Writing Literacy Station: use the written response tasks in a reading and writing literacy station.
4. Formative or Summative assessment: use the writing prompts as a formative or summative assessment.

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