Punctuation Day Flip Book 1

Happy Punctuation Day! September 24 has been declared as a celebration day for good punctuation or the acknowledgement of… I wonder if individuals know how important correct punctuation is to literacy? It must have some importance, if it’s nationally celebrated.

So, is this a big deal? Why, yes!

It’s the difference between correctly or incorrectly interpreting what’s being communicated, be it written or verbally stated. You see, reading and writing are partners. They go hand-in-hand, like coffee and cream or donuts and holes. ♥

Unfortunately, too many students lack these skills and need a resource that would assist them in applying correct punctuation as they write. This resource is a quick-reference flip-book titled, Punctuation Day Flip Book 1 that allows students to access information on using correct punctuation. This resource will assist students in practicing some of the basic punctuation marks listed below. They will not only read about punctuation marks, but also practice using these punctuation marks.


Punctuation marks practiced:



Question Mark
Exclamation Point


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