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I’m currently teaching middle school (grades 6-8) English Language Arts to the general and exceptional student population. My classes are very diverse and include students with varying exceptionalities. This directs me to differentiate for students through content, the process of instruction, and product assessment.

I have over 20 years of teaching in the education arena.  My teaching experience has been in the elementary, middle, and high school settings. My credentials include a B.S. Exceptional Student Education; M.S. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Elementary Education, Middle Grades English 6-8, and English 9-12 certified. I also have endorsements in Reading and English Language Learner (ELL). I’m currently working on my Ed.D. for Teacher Leadership. I enjoy learning and teaching. My goal as an educator is to reach the potential in ALL students to become life-long, productive individuals.

What led me to become a TPTer? Well, throughout my teaching experience, I’ve shared many of my created resources with other teachers. This is a great way to continue sharing beyond my school and district. We are a global Professional Learning Community (PLC) among many educators, and we are our best resource. We unknowingly attend many professional developments via emails, phone conferences, in the school hallways, and also by displaying student assignments on our classroom walls. I must commend all the past and current teachers because our passion continues.

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!

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