Current Event Research Project

Whatever happened to the days when students researched and shared information about ‘what’s happening’ around town, the state, the country, or the nation? These mini projects were called Current Events… I remember the excitement students would have when it was their turn to share some information about ‘what’s happening’ outside of the classroom. My teacher decorated a portion of the wall and titled it “Current Events” and we couldn’t wait to share and hang our clipping(s) from the Sunday Newspaper. Boy, were those the days when students didn’t mind researching, reading, clipping, summarizing, and then sharing their new-found information.

As you can see a mini current event project allows students the opportunity to practice quite a few skills: researching-via newspaper/magazine or on-line, reading to analyze information, summarizing and presenting, while their classmates are critically listening and taking notes to ask viable questions.

One of my favorite quick mini research projects that keep the students’ research and presentation skills sharp is my Current Event Research Project. This project consists of a teacher’s guide for suggested uses and a rubric that will guide students to correctly complete and present the research project. A 5 x 8 index card template is also included. This template guides the students in writing the detailed information needed to present.


This resource contains:
Teacher Guide
Student-Friendly Rubric
5×8 Index Card Template.

This resource covers the following focused standards:
Reading Information 1
Writing 1 & 2
Speaking & Listening 2
Language 1 & 2

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!
Thanks for your support!
Literacy Art by Iris©

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