Interactive Book Report Project

What a difference a project makes!

This resource is a cumulative Interactive Book Report Project template for various types of book reports.

This book report template is a one-stop place for students to access what they need to complete a cumulative book report. Teachers and students will find that these book reports are different from the traditional book report.

With the cumulative book report, students are able to practice using the standards learned. It is through the creativity of book reports throughout the school year that gives the students the opportunity to consistently learn the standards covered in their report.

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As students create their book report each quarter, they will have the opportunity to explore mediums of creating a book report that they’ve not used before. Examples of various book reports: Poster Board Book Report, 3-Dimensional Book Report, Power Point Book Report, or Prezi Book Report.

To differentiate and scaffold the book report, teachers may use selected standards and skills focused on for that grade level.

This resource contains:
Student Guide Sheet
Book Report Information Sheet
Chapter Summary Sheet
Figurative Language Sheet
Book Presentation Guidelines Sheet
Book Report Rubric
Listed Common Core Standards covered in this resource

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