Bell Ringers: ELA Standards: Grades 6, 7, 8


Do you sometimes wonder where to begin when you teach the English Language Arts Standards for Reading Literature and Reading Informational Text?

Would you like a resource where students analyze the Middle School ELA Reading Standards, synthesize their meaning, and then apply what they’ve learned to authentic real-world literature and informational text?

Well, these resources may be the answer you need.

Why this resource? It has 157 daily activities complete with Answer KeyOverall, this resource will help students scaffold through the English Language Arts Standards (ELA) that include Reading Literature and Reading Informational Text.

These Middle School Bell Ringers for English Language Arts Standards will help students:

  • Analyze, Synthesize, and Apply the standards
  • learn and understand the expectations of the DOK Levels
  • practice Annotating and use Marginal Notes
  • practice Collaboration Skills
  • practice having Class Discussions
  • practice defining Vocabulary using Context Clues

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