Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Mothers!


According to the calendar, Mother’s Day has come and gone. Or has it?


Yes, Mother’s Day has come and gone, but I’m not sure that mothers around the world would agree. As for me, I feel that each and everyday should be used to acknowledge mothers because they do so much, continuously.
When Mother’s Day scrolls around on the calendar, I try to think of something meaningful to buy her or I try to think of a place to take her.

Something or someplace that she’ll always remember, or at least I hope.


Although I’m in my fifties, I still think of my mother as a source or provider of many things, especially advice. After I’ve wrestled with my thoughts, I can always go to her for the seal of approval. I think back to the many days when she provided me with words of wisdom and guidance. Whenever I’m faced with a situation, I would open my “Mom’s Trunk of Knowledge” and find tidbits of reassurance, support, determination, joy, pride happiness, strength, confidence, admiration, laughter, and so much more.

Thank You! Mom!

If you find a “Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS!” rock, great! If not, comment on my blog/website about the amazing things you’ve received from your mother.

The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark. ~Thomas Paine

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!

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