Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Fall Foliage!

Welcome! What can we say about the beautiful fall foliage that creeps in during the months of September and October? Next to spring, it’s the most awesome season of the year and its bounty full of color says so. We change gears and begin to store our summer attire, beach toys and barbeque fixings and welcome in days full of cooler weather, wearing of socks and covering with sweaters, while waiting for the brisk air of the holiday festivities to whistle around the corner.

IMG_20171021_105214920Who doesn’t like this time of year? Well, I must say, it’s my favorite. Aside from all the tangible things we put away as one season ends and gather as another begins, what I enjoy the most about the season is the “giving” and “sharing” that occurs.

Festivals are celebrated every weekend and with this comes the sharing and caring among family, friends and neighbors. You can feel it in the air when people speak or smile as they pass you on the street. I like that. A smile does a lot and gives a lot.

Think about what you can “give” or how you can “share” some of the heart-felt love and respect that this season gives us. What would you “give?” What would you “share?”

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Great acts are made up of small deeds. ~Lao Tzu

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!
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