Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Keep Smiling! Keep Shining!

Welcome! The joy I’ve had in painting and sharing these rocks prompted me to share the idea with a long-time friend of mine. I guess you can call her my BFF. Well anyways, she lives 4 hours from me and has a daughter that lives in the northwestern area of the Unites States. Her daughter had plans to pick up the grandson after long hot summer with the grandparents. I asked my friend to venture with me and paint some rocks for her daughter to place on the way home. She decided she would and came up with these fabulous rocks. She themed them,

Keep Smiling! Keep Shining!

She topped it off by saying, “that’s what friends are for.” She’s right. To define a person as a friend, is when you know that you can depend on that person through “thick and thin” -as we used to put it growing up. One thing I can say about this friend of mine, is that no matter how often we speak to each other, it’s as though it was yesterday. Our conversation picks up where it left off. I’m glad to have her as part of my inner circle. Thanks friend! Thanks BFF!

When you say someone is your “friend,” what does that mean to you? Is it just a “surface” title, or does it mean something a deeper?

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Only surround yourself with people that will lift you higher. `Oprah Winfrey

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!

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