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Welcome! It’s an anxious time of year. Not because of a birthday, holiday, or celebration. It’s because of that day at the end of May or early June when so many students are delighted that school has ended. Yet, after a couple of months of endless television, social media, theme parks, family reunions, and the like, many students are ready to go back to school. Each with their own interpretation of what that means.


What are the students’ expectations?

What are the parents’ expectations?

What are the teachers’ expectations?

Although this is a time when new school clothes, backpacks, lunchboxes, special binders, animated notebooks, paper, and pencils are purchased, the excitement and expectations of the students can easily be diminished once they walk through the door of their classrooms and are greeted feeling not welcomed.

First appearances, questions, statements, gestures can yell very loud what students think they may face daily when they come to school.


Make their first day and everyday a place they will remember, not because of the shiny glittery decorations on the classroom walls or their new clothes and backpacks, but because they know this place they come five days a week is one of the safest learning environments they will interact in with some of the most cooperative, collaborative and engaging individuals.

When you read the phrase, “back to school”, what are your expectations, as a student, a parent, a teacher?

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference ~Winston Churchill

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