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Welcome! For those of you that haven’t read my previous Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! posts, I’d like to share a little information about this ongoing shout out. This post is about


This post IS for people that love literacy, but it also can be for people who may not think of literacy as their first love. or any love, for that matter. Well, you know what, that’s okay! Sometimes loving literacy takes time, especially if you’re not an avid reader nor writer.

In Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Post #2, I shared how in-order to accomplish set goals, people must become a “GO-GETTER”. Sometimes people don’t know how to begin this process. One way I encourage my students to do this is by asking them to clear their minds of doubt and create a new picture of success. The key words are create and success.”

In-order to be creative, people should set the stage on more open-minded thoughts rather than close-minded thoughts. This will allow creativity to seep in and set a person’s gears on what’s possible rather than what’s impossible.

IMG_20170725_075840187 1

My painted rocks focus on two colors, orange and green. These two colors, symbolize open-mindedness and creativity. I’m not sure why I selected these two colors, but they came to mind, so this is what I used. This process of selection, in itself, is an example of how open-mindedness and creativity CAN work for people. It doesn’t define or limit a person’s choice or ideas…creativity!!

If you find a “Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS!” rock, give me a shout on my blog/website address scribed on the back of the rock and share how creative you can be with the combined colors of orange and green. It says, Or, you can…

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 “We grow by our dreams.” ~Woodrow Wilson

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!

Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Be Creative! Post #3
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