Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS!!

Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Post #1

How does literacy “rock” for you? Do you love to read until the wee hours of the night? Do you go to the library to choose a novel to read for a few weeks during the summer months and you finish the book in a few days? Well, I would call this,


Literacy Art by Iris loves to rock also. But first, I’d like to share some inspirational designs I’ve painted on rocks and I’ve hidden these rocks everywhere…and when I say everywhere, I mean, EVERYWHERE! I travel quite a bit and I’ve left rocks in states I’m traveling though!


So, when you get a chance, look around, you never know what you may find. If you find a “Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS!” rock, give me a shout on my blog/website address scribed on the back of the rock and share how literacy rocks for you. It says, Or, if you’d like to share how literacy rocks for you can…

I Rock for LITERACY!

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Listed below are some sentence starters that you can use when you share your love for literacy. If you have a different sentence starter, use it…share it…

Sentence starters:
1. I love literacy because…
2. Literacy “rocks” because it…
3. Rocks are a great way to share…



“If you want to change the world, read.” ~unknown

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!

Literacy Art by Iris ROCKS! Post #1
Literacy Art by Iris©


  1. Karen says:

    Just found a rock at a rest stop close to Tallahassee Fla. I’d love to know where you originate from. I see that you travel a lot. Plan to leave this rock in Charleston SC


    1. Welcome! Thanks for choosing the rock and sending it forward. I’m from Panama City Beach, Florida. We’re currently on the road…heading southeast for the weekend to enjoy my last few days of summer vacation. While my husband drives, I blog and create curriculum resources to add to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This is my way of sharing. If you know of someone in your area that needs curriculum resources, have them follow me. Go to and search for my store, Literacy Art by Iris and click on the ‘follow me’ link.

      Thanks! Great to hear from you.


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