Reading Strategies Bookmarks

When students READ what should they do? 

Become one with the text.

When students READ what should they do?

Look ahead in the text.

When students READ, what should they do?

Think about the text.


Lip-sincing doesn’t work. Saying the words without understanding their combined meaning, also doesn’t work. Students are expected to respond on many levels to what they’ve read . It has gone beyond stating facts and answering simple questions. Students are expected to think on many levels and make inferences to draw conclusions, and to cite evidence that will support their inferences.

Is this difficult for students?

Yes, especially if they don’t practice reading daily at home and at school. This reading is   very beneficial if combined with a series of  questions that take the students lower level questioning to higher level questioning.

But, first things first. STUDENTS MUST READ! As they read, guide them through the reading process by using the Reading Strategies Bookmarks  on the bookmarks shown below.

Reading Strategies Bookmark PREVIEW

Happy Learning! Happy Teaching! Happy Learning!

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