Parts of Speech & Punctuation

What can we as educators say about students’ ability to use correct grammar and punctuation?

Well, I’ve come to the realization that there exists a serious gap between what students should know and apply concerning correct grammar and punctuation and what they’re producing in the classroom during instruction. The art of writing, be it a sentence, paragraph, or essay, includes these components. Which makes them viable parts of the reading and language arts curriculum.

What happened?

This gap gave me insight into how much students didn’t know and understand about the correct use of grammar and punctuation. Students’ writing lacked the correctness it takes to produce a meaningful well-written essay. Students also lacked the ability to make the necessary corrections to produce complete sentences with correct punctuation.

Let’s ponder!

I know that I haven’t been a teacher forever to compare how things used-to-be to the way they are today, but I do know that when I attended school, the basics of a student’s education was considered the foundation to a great education. Which suggests another question, have we gone so far right on the education continuum of technology-based instruction that we have forgotten where and how to begin with teaching the basics of good reading and writing?

What can we as educators do about this dilemma?

Should we go back-to-the-basics of teaching the parts of speech and punctuation in isolation? And if so, how do we incorporate these important skills with the many skills we’re expected to teach? Well, one thing’s for sure, we first need to know where each student’s ability level is concerning parts of speech and punctuation. In other words, we need for them to show-what-they-know. Share your comments, questions, and/or suggestions, below.

A resource that’s very capable of determining this is the Parts of Speech and Punctuation Diagnostics. It is very useful as a complete diagnostic or an educator can use it in guided literacy stations/centers as a quick instructional tool. 



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